Friday, April 2, 2010

Numero Six is Out of the Way

I just had treatment number six, and it went great as usual! I am getting used to the needle pricks and pops of the laser, but of course the PA does a great job of making sure I feel as little as possible (Thank you Jennifer!). 

This time (April 1, 2010) I finally remembered my camera, so I can share an "ash" photo. I guess this is my skin turning to!

**Notice the instant swelling, as depicted by the bulge on the left side of my arm.  This is why bandaging the first night is an arduous task. It becomes my arm with a tennis ball and a tent a-top!

Here are some other photos while I was in the doctor's office, so you see what it was for me pre-six:

Here is the before and after for my last treatment, so the photo on the right was taken in the same place and time (for lighting purposes) as the one just before treatment number 5. You are therefore seeing the effects of one laser treatment, before and after treatment five.

Very subtle! It really exemplifies the whole reality that the laser "fades" the tattoo away.

Well...I'll keep you posted. Thanks for visiting, and a special Thank You to everyone who has left encouraging and supportive comments, I really appreciate it!

The Look of Peel!

This is a pic from my last peel session (after treatment # 5). 

I took this photo a week after my last treatment, but I must have forgotten about it. This image clearly shows the layer of dark, "burned", skin that lays over the tattoo and eventually peels off. It makes the fading process a real surprise, because I have no idea what's left under that skin.  I'm always excited to see!