Saturday, July 16, 2011

No Blisters?

After this last laser treatment, just four days ago, things are not looking as usual. I have absolutely no blisters on the tattoo area! Just some weird red marks which I assume are bruises. It is as though the laser hit me, but did not penetrate with any heat. Immediately after and even still a little now, I had the typically swelling. You can even see in this picture that the black ink areas are slightly raised. I am just not sure if that was from the needles of anesthesia or what?

My concern is that after the first few pops of the laser a wire was pulled out from the hand tool. When the PA and technician checked on it, they said it was not related to the laser I was getting, as they said it was for the Ruby laser. I guess the laser machine has three options, and they were using the other two on me. What if it didn't penetrate? It just hit the skin.

My other concern would be if the ink is too deep, so the laser can't hit it to leave a blister. I remember when I first had treatments there were lots of blisters, because it was hitting a lot of ink. As time went on, there were less blisters. Now, no blisters?!?

(That is except for the blister the paper tape made on the outer rim of the lasered area. I wonder why I developed such an allergy to that stuff?)

What does it mean? Is this the end or a malfunction of the machine? I think I need to call the Dermatologists office on Monday!