Saturday, February 4, 2012

*** Movie Break for Treatment #12 ***

I was finally able to take someone in with me in order to make a movie for you guys! Here it is....sorry it's not professional or perfectly image stable. I thought it would be fun though! The laser lights made a lot of streaks and bursts on the camera. The PA said some were going to be from the aiming beam. I also had to reduce the video quality in order to upload it.....


Later, I will post with answers to some of the questions that I received since July!

Pre-Treatment Number 12

Hey everyone sorry for the delay in posting....

I did end up going on vacation and tanning the tattooed area. It was quite the interesting display of colors. At first it looked spotted, because some areas were really resistant to the sun. Later it looked super sunburned.  That's this picture (July 2011). I was really hopeful to see what would happen after the burn wore off....

....but in the end, much of the ink ended up darkening too! These pics were taken just before I had my treatment yesterday (2-3-12)

But Still Too Much Ink For Me!